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Do you find your days are wasted searching for documents and files with very few productive tasks actually being completed? Not only is your file management losing time, it could also be losing money and lowering morale too. Now’s the time to act!

Wasted Time

File Retrievalwasted time

Retrieving files from a manual storage system can be an extremely slow process, especially if your system is unorganised. It can be even worse if you store your documents in off-site storage facilities where you often have to wait days before the requested file is delivered.

Offsite Access

Nowadays, a lot of people work flexible hours with the option to work from home but this means if a member of staff is working from home and doesn’t have the document they need there they will have to travel to the office and retrieve it or have someone spend time finding it and getting it to them.


To share a document stored manually, you will need to photocopy it or scan it so you can send it to the relevant people. Photocopying will also waste paper, ink and electricity.


Editing documents can be messy or involve the recreation of documents. This is time consuming and again wastes paper, ink and electricity.

Document Scanning Can Change This

File retrieval with Digital DocumentsH small image9

Once documents have been fully digitised, they should be indexed and have Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software applied to make the digital images fully text searchable. This will mean that when you need to find a file, you can do so with a simple text search of relevant details such as title, date, name etc. or even by searching words from the content of the document. With instant file retrieval, you and your staff will no longer have to waste time searching through filing cabinets, folders and boxes for the information you need.

Offsite Access with Electronic Document Management

Unlike physical files, digital documents are much more flexible. Depending on your digital file storage method, whether that’s on a shared network, secure FTP or cloud platform, you can have the opportunity to log into any device, from anywhere with access to the digital files. This gives the ability for employees to work from home without wasting time have information and documents delivered to them and will also cut down the number of unproductive tasks.

Sharing After Documents Have Been Scanned

Digital documents hold the advantage of being able to be shared quickly and easily through email or shared access to documents. This means that files and documents can be referred to the relevant people efficiently giving the ability to get quicker feedback and tasks can be completed quicker.

Editing Digital Documents

If a digital file needs editing, this can be done simply on the original document without the need to waste paper or ruin original copies. Software like Google Docs even allows more than one person to read and edit documents at the same time enabling a number of employees to complete tasks quickly, not just one.

Scanning Documents with Pearl Scan

Here at Pearl Scan we provide a completely bespoke document scanning service for clients wanting to reclaim the time they currently waste on an unreliable and inefficient manual system. We handle the entire process from collecting your documents with our secure nationwide collection service to the scanning and delivery of your high quality images in your required format via whichever method you want (CD, DVD, USB, secure FTP etc.) Our superfast scanners enable us to complete your projects within a quick turnaround so you can start reaping the benefits of going digital right away. You can check out our website for more information or get in touch to receive a quote for your scanning project.


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Document Scanning by Pearl Scan

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