Accounts Payable Document Scanning Serivice

Purchase invoices and accounts files are some of the most extensively used documents today. The way they are handled can have a significant impact on day-to-day accounts and finance operations in your office environment. We offer purchase invoice scanning services to streamline the way that accounts departments operate.

Purchase Invoice Scanning Services

Our purchase invoice scanning solution is created exclusively with the need of AP (Accounts Payable) departments in mind.  It is designed to reduce time spent searching for invoices and to help lower space taken up by filing cabinets and boxes in the office. We scan and index suppliers purchase invoices in a way that is familiar to the accounts department, while making them easier to find and use.

Some of the typical accounts payable documents that we scan include:

  • Purchase Invoices (Supplier’s Invoices)
  • Supplier’s Contracts
  • Purchase Orders
  • Goods Received Notes / PODs
  • Expenses / Receipts

Indexing Options

Indexing of invoices can be carried out as below:

Folder Level
Information captured from the folder cover or spine etc.
Invoice Level
Information captured from each invoice, such as reference number, supplier invoice number, invoice date etc.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

OCR is the process we use to make documents fully text-searchable. OCR is useful if you want to search within the documents, going beyond the standard indexing parameters.

Our Complimentary Halogen System

Our invoice cloud-based storage and retrieval software Halogen has a user-friendly interface which makes search & retrieval easy and instant. Halogen is packed with many useful features including free text search using OCR Search, sharing, print, export, or email creation all from one screen.

Digital Mail Solutions

We also offer a mailroom service where invoices are either collected or your supplier’s can send these to a dedicated PO Box setup for you. We open, sort, scan and capture the required data which is then sent back to you within the 24 hours and disposing of the originals after an approved period.

The Benefits Of Accounts Payable Document Scanning

  • An overall productivity boost
  • Finding invoices becomes easier and faster than ever
  • Time-consuming tasks take seconds
  • Costs cut on storage
  • Space is claimed back by eliminating the need for physical storage

We also offer other cost cutting scanning solutions and scan a wide variety of documents including HR files, PODs, client files, case files, large format documents, microfiche and microfilm, Sharepoint.

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