Full filing cabinet with documents that can be scanned into digital files and converted to OCR with Pearl Scan in London and nationwide.

Document Scanning Services London

Documents piled up that Pearl Scan can scan to help businesses save time and money in London and accross the UK.

Is your valuable office space being consumed by filing cabinets, boxes and folders full of paper? Can you instantly access and share your documents? We can provide the perfect digital and file management solution to your document access and management issues.

Document Scanning Service

Digitising documents is what Pearl Scan do in the London area. We have worked with reputable companies in and around London, helping them and there offices to become more efficient with time and money which is generated from converting hard copy files to electronic files and with introducing them to our very own document management system, Halogen.

Our scanning services cover a range of paper documents and files that we scan to PDF and other digital formats, from large format drawings to your small receipts;

  • Forms
  • Invoices
  • Surveys
  • Bills
  • Claims
  • Contracts
  • Records
  • Proof of delivery
  • Purchase ledgers
  • Large format documents
  • Paintings
  • Plans
  • Maps
  • Business cards
  • Accountancy files
  • Insolvency files
  • CVs
  • Receipts
  • Case files
  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Mail
  • Wills
  • Drawings
  • Blueprints
  • Bank statements

We can scan your documents in high quality using our super fast scanners equipped with ultra-sonic double-feed, automated colour detection and image processing applications.

OCR Software

OCR software that Pearl Scan can implement to your digital document and files.

We can apply Optical Character Recognition software to your scanned images. This software recognises typed text on your documents and makes it fully searchable and editable. This process is incredibly useful because easily retrievable files can transform the way you store and manage documents. Having editable files will also mean you won't have to create a new document when amendments need to be made.

We can convert your digital files into the digital format you require such as PDF, PDF Searchable, JPEG, TIFF and any other format you need.

Document Scanning Company

We provide tailored digital solutions for all of our clients who are in a variety of industries and sectors;

  • HR departments
  • Legal firms
  • Educational establishments
  • NHS and healthcare organisations
  • Financial companies

Advantages Of Scanning Documents

A box full of documents that Pearl Scan can convert to electronic files.

Document scanning can help you and your company take steps towards going paperless while also saving space, increasing productivity and remaining compliant with file retention laws. We have seen many businesses reap some major benefits from adopting an efficient digital system to manage their scanned files.

To find out more about the benefits you could get from scanning documents and to request your free quote, call us today or complete our online form.

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