Books and mangazines that can be digitised to e-books platform.

Pearl Scan group book scanning service in London can scan this book into a digital format so it can be stored, optional could storage.

Book Scanning Services In London

Pearl Scan Group have provided a book scanning service in London and throughout the UK for almost 15 years. Digital conversions of books, journals, manuals and magazines for writers, publishers, archivists, collectors, students and private individuals.

Book Scan Service Covers

  • Bound books
  • Unbound books
  • Heritage books
  • Archives
  • Novels
  • Textbooks
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Manuscripts
  • Comics
  • Manuals
  • Journals


We can scan all of the above to a wide range of formats from searchable PDFs and editable Microsoft Word to popular eBook formats such as Kindle, ePub and iBook.

Unbound book scanning service in London from Pearl Scan Group. Learn the advantages of unbound book scanning.

Advantages Of Unbound Book Scanning Service

Unbound book scanning is our most common method. Before the scanning takes place, the spines of the books are sliced off making it easy to scan the pages in our high speed document scanner. By unbinding the pages we can scan up to A0 in size.

  • Quick scanning
  • Cost effective
  • Good quality

Bound book scanning service in London from Pearl Scan Group. Learn the advantages of bound book scanning.

Advantages Of Bound Book Scanning Service

The bound book scanning method is used for books that need to remain intact throughout the entire scanning process such as for books that are delicate, rare, valuable, historic or just hold sentimental value for our clients. To keep the books intact, we use specialist overhead scanners and technology that is specially designed for books up to A2 size to remain intact.

  • Special gloves approach
  • Undamaged books
  • Reduced lighting

OCR For Digital Books

By using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, we can make your books fully text searchable and even editable. The advatages of using OCR for your scanned books is that it will be easier for you to find your favourite book everytime.

Adavantages Of Scanning Your Books

  • Gives you the opportunity to sell or republish your written work in an online format.
  • With having digital formats, you have the possibilities of editing and re-edititng your work at any time.
  • To have your favourite book safe and secure as a digital copy.
  • Makes your process easier to share your books and magazines with whoever you like.
  • Giving yourself instant access to your favourite titles wherever and whenever.
  • From digitising your books, manuscripts, journals, etc. This enables you to archive or preserv any collection you have.

A large collection of books that can be scanned in London either bound or unbound onto a digitial format by Pearl Scan Group.

As a professional book scanning company our book scanning service in London handles every book and magazine with great delicate care and attention. Also scanning your books and with our ISO accreditations and external audits, your books are proven to be in safe hands throughout our book scanning service.

If our book scanning service sounds like the perfect solution you're looking for, you can contact our friendly sales team by telephone or simply fill out our contact form and we will work with you to provide a tailor made service from start to finish ensuring you have quality scans that you and your collection deserve.

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