Large format scanning scanning service around the London area and throughout the UK provided with the use of large flat bed scanner by Pearl Scan Group.

Large Format Scanning Services London

Rolls of paper and large documents such as drawings and housing plans can turn an office into chaos. Not only can paper drawings and prints cause a messy environment, but they are also easily damaged and can get mouldy when locked away for long period of time.

Here at Pearl Scan we have the latest image processing and scanning technology to convert large documents into digital formats. This can ensure safe storage of your drawings as well as improve workflow and productivity. We also offer a CAD conversion service, which can convert large documents into editable digital format (.DWG and .DXF)

Pearl Scan Group's large format scanning service includes large A1 size art work pieces like the one pictured here.

Scanning Large Format Documents

Here is a list of some of the drawings and large scale documents we scan regularly for businesses and individuals.

  • Housing plans
  • Artwork
  • Construction drawings
  • Maps
  • Engineering blueprints
  • Technical product drawings

These are some of our most popular files but of course we can scan any large scale document. We’ve worked with a huge range of industries and organisations including:

  • Architects
  • City councils
  • Railway sector
  • Builders and construction firms
  • Artists and art dealers

A Document Scanner For Large Paper Formats

Pearl Scan has over a decade of experience in the scanning sector, and have worked with a variety of independent artists, large businesses and public sector organisations such as councils and the NHS. We invest in the latest scanning technology so you don’t have to, and our fast large format scanning service can help you cut costs.

We collect your data from anywhere in the UK, and supply your digital files in whichever format you choose. Alternatively, if you have a large scale scanning project and don’t want to send files to our scanning bureau, we can send a mobile scanning team to complete the work on site.

You can find out more information regarding our scanning services and data capture services by phoning our sales team on 0207 183 1885. Or you can simply fill out our online contact form with your enquiries and our friendly sales team will look forward to helping you with your enquiry.

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