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The way your office manages its documents can have a big effect on your employee’s morale so it’s important to take action now!


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Effects of Low Office Morale

While some people might take the idea of low office morale lightly, it can bring serious repercussions for not only the working environment but for the overall business too. When employees don’t feel motivated or supported by those around them, the most obvious effect is a dip in productivity but you could also see effects on working relationships. It can also project a bad atmosphere to potential clients and effect current customer relationships. More worryingly, an employee suffering from low motivation and morale at work can lead to health issues through stress or depression leading to a rise is absentees. Every single one of these problems will be seen in a lowering of profits so before anything gets that far, we think it’s time you address it.

Smile & Scan Your Documents

Not being able to complete simple tasks because of a difficult to manoeuvre document management system can easily lower morale but there is a very simple solution to this. Adopting a digital document management system by scanning the documents you currently store in, shall we say, an organised mess will provide you with a much simpler way to manage, retrieve and share files. With your current system, employees may be spending up to 30% of their time every day searching and retrieving files and wasting even more on unproductive tasks. With scanning and digital storage, files can be retrieved in seconds through simple text searches and they can be shared via email with no need to print or photocopy documents. No one wants to be held back from doing the job they’re paid to do and by showing staff that you care by making changes you can boost morale in a big way.

Document Scanning Service

Have you been convinced? We would love to help you in your quest for a better working atmosphere. We provide a fully bespoke document scanning service with tried and tested document management solutions that can bring you a simple yet effective document management system.

We will handle the entire process so you don’t have to worry yourself either; from collection of your documents to delivery or the digital files. Our scanning service gives the ability to scan to a range of formats including PDF, searchable PDF, TIFF, JPEG and more. You can also receive your digital documents fully OCR processed to make them fully text searchable in your new system. If you would like some more information about Pearl Scan’s document scanning service, take a look at our website or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.


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