6 Kinds of Workers Printing in Your Office

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According to WRAP's Green Office Guide, there are six 'printing culprits' in every office. Which one are you?

Let's take a look at the six different categories before you make your mind up...

The Pointless Printer

WRAP's definition: "Prints everything just because they like to have a hard copy of all documents, even emails."

These kinds of printers will end up with filing cabinets, folders and boxes of documents filling their offices to the brim.

The Competitive Printer

Wrap's definition: "The bigger the pile of what they perceive to be 'crucial' documents, the more important they think they look."

This person's documents will not be filed away but will be taking up huge amounts of space on their desk leaving very little room to work efficiently.

The 'Old School' Printer

Wrap's definition: "Feels they can't possibly comment on an email request without printing it off to read it and thinks it is impossible to edit documents by looking at them on screen – can only do so by printing off and writing amendments on the paper copy."

This worker's struggle to adapt to the digital age results in a mountain of paperwork and waste.

The Hasty Printer

Wrap's definition: "Presses the 'P' button before checking quantity, length, etc of the document and watches as 20 copies of a 200-page document in full colour come out of the printer, and then rolls their eyes as if the printer is at fault."

We've all been there, absentmindedly pressing print and then ending up waiting by the printer for hours. More often than not, the document won't be needed again anyway and if it is it's stored away so deeply that no one can find it.

The Sneaky Printer

Wrap's definition: "Acutely aware they are overprinting, and that such practice is frowned upon, but can't live without their paper – so gets in early or stays late to make copious amounts of what is possibly personal printing so no one sees them."

Whichever way you look at it, this is not a good approach to have, not only for the environment's sake but for the sake of your reputation within the company.

The Model Printer

Wrap's definition: "Double-sided, recycled paper. Only prints what is essential and likes to share documents with the rest of the team."

Here at Pearl Scan, we appreciate these kinds of people. They are environmentally aware and are also saving the company money and space by keeping print to a minimum. If you take steps to become the Model Printer then why not clear the existing documents from your office too. You could get them scanned and converted into digital format then they will be accessible at any time, from anywhere and the space they will take up will be purely digital space. If you are one of the other kinds of office printers then maybe you should consider cutting back on the printing to help you company's green credentials and save them money as well as clear up some space in your office.

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