Improve Your Customer Service with Document Scanning

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Provide better customer service with document scanning. Set your efficiency soaring with improved document management systems.

Do you often find the customer service lagging in your company due to poor accessibility of information? Your speed of customer service can be improved greatly if you switch your document management to digital.

How It Works

When you store your customer's information on hard copy documents stored away in filing cabinets it becomes increasingly difficult to find the files when you need them. If you are on the phone to the customer at the time and have to delay the call to find what you need, it will provoke a negative response from them. They will not appreciate having to wait when they just want an answer to a question or complaint.

So, what can you do?

You need to collect all of those files and customer information and have them scanned into a digital format. Once digitised, they can be placed into a system to make it simple to access the information you need at the click of a button, like this;

"Hello, customer service. How can I help?"
"Hi, I've got a query about my contract."
"Sure. Can I take your name and the first line of your address please?"
"Yes, it's Angela Jones of 41 Carnarvon Street."
"Ok Angela, I have the details of your contract here now. What's your query?"

See, how quick was that?! Especially when the alternative is this;

"Hello customer service. How can I help?"frustrated man 300x200
"Hi, I've got a query about my contract."
"Certainly, can you tell me the details of your contract?"
"Well...[explains the details] can you help me?"
"I'm afraid I'm going to need to find your file and take a look at this for you. Can I call you back in half an hour once I've found it?"
"What kind of customer service is this? I'm busy and I just wanted a quick answer to my query."
"I'm sorry madam, I'll try and get back to you as soon as possible."

In this scenario, not only is there a lack of a personal touch when the employee knows nothing about the customer's contract, but the customer has also shown her displeasure at the service she is being provided with so she probably won't continue giving her custom to the company once the contract is up.

Every company that cares about their reputation will do everything they can to ensure they have exceptional customer service so why not take up a solution which could make that job easier? Digital documents bring a large number of benefits with them, particularly with regards to efficiency.

In What Ways Does Document Scanning Improve Efficiency?

  • Documents are easier to access causing less delay to processes
  • Documents can be edited without the need to print out a new one
  • Documents can be shared quickly for instant replies and amendments

Pearl Scan Can Help

Here at Pearl Scan, we understand that successful companies don't have the time to go through backlogs of files and documents and scan them all themselves. This is why we offer a fully bespoke document scanning service for those companies, organisations and individuals wanting to reap the benefits of going digital without blowing the budget or wasting time. Our document scanning process is quick and simple yet effective and we provide free consultancy throughout so you know exactly what you're getting and how you can maintain your digital document management system once it has been set up. We also provide data capture services for customer feedback forms.

If you would like your customer service department to run as smoothly and effectively as scenario one, and who wouldn't, get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote.

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Document Scanning by Pearl Scan

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