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Many people think that the more you scan, the higher the costs but with bulk scanning services, this doesn't have to be the case.

Companies and organisations often think they have to pick a small amount of important documents to be scanned so as not to break the budget. What they don't realise however, is that larger scale scanning often doesn't cost as much as you might think and they also bring bigger benefits!

What is Bulk Scanning?Document Scanning Service10

Bulk scanning is exactly that; the process of scanning a large bulk of documents. Companies who still store documents in paper form will usually have filing cabinets, folders and boxes full to bursting with them. Once they have made the decision to go digital with their document management system, it makes a lot of sense to scan all of those documents rather than just some.

What Can I Scan in Bulk?

Almost any document previously stored in hard copy can be scanned in bulk. From till receipts and invoices to archives and heritage collections.

How Can I Save Money With Bulk Scanning?

Standard document scanning alone can bring cost savings in the form of reduced paper and printing use as well as lower storage costs but if the scanning is completed on all of the documents you hold, these savings can potentially be massive. Imagine being able to abolish all of your storage costs or reduce the amount paper you use to almost zero (or even none at all if you want to try out a paperless office). Profits will be through the roof and who can say no to that?

How Can I Manage My Documents Once They Have Been Digitised?

Once your documents have been scanned, they should be OCR processed and converted to the format you need. When you outsource your scanning project to a document scanning company like Pearl Scan, your documents can be managed with bulk document management software, Halogen. Since they have been fully indexed, you will only need to make a simple text search in the software to retrieve the documents and information you need.

What Benefits Can Bulk Scanning Bring To My Company?

Scanning alone brings a lot of benefits for businesses and organisations alike but when you choose bulk scanning, you can gain further advantages;

  • There will be a vast reduction in outgoing costs (storage, paper, printing etc.) once your company deals with all of their documents digitally.
  • By scanning all of your stored documents in bulk, you can remove all of the filing cabinets etc from offices and potentially save a huge amount of space or utilise it more efficiently.
  • By dealing with a purely digital document management system, you can improve office productivity and efficiency.
  • Your green credentials and carbon footprint will be improve due to the reduced need to use paper and store it.
  • Bulk scanning is a low cost solution which brings bigger savings right from the beginning.
  • Your workflow can be improved with the use of email, shared networks and online platforms.
  • With improved efficiency and a more open workspace office morale will be boosted.

How Can Pearl Scan Help?

Here at Pearl Scan, we specialise in bulk document scanning for companies and organisations across a range of industries including bulk legal scanning, bulk HR scanning and bulk education scanning. We offer an excellent yet affordable service and also offer our bulk document management software, Halogen, free of charge for larger projects.

With our bulk scanning service you can start to benefits from cost savings and many other advantages so get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote for your scanning project. If you would like some more information on the bulk scanning services we offer, check out our bulk document scanning page.


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