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how much does document scanning cost
While we have spoken in past blogs about the costs of document scanning, with large bulks able to be scanned for as little as 1p per sheet, in this blog we will look at the costs you could save through digitising your document management system.

We know that every office is different with regards to size and paper usage. Here, we have included Wrap's suggested equations for calculating the specific cost of your office's paper usage.

document scanning saves moneyTotal Reams of Paper Purchased Per Year ÷ Number of Staff in Your Organisation = Total Paper Use (Reams/Person/Year)
Total Cost of Paper Purchased Per Year ÷ Number of Staff in Your Organisation = Cost (£/Person/Year)

Once you have calculated the cost of paper usage in your office, you may be a little shocked. Paper doesn't always come to mind when you think of large expenses in the office but it is a silent budget drainer. Add to this the costs involved in printing documents and storing them and you have a pretty hefty expense.

But how can you reduce this even when every document printed is deemed to be 'necessary'?

Investing in document scanning solutions may seem unnecessary but, through that one off payment, you can save costs for years to come. Just think, if you don't already have a digital system in place, here are some of the expenses coming out of your budget on a daily basis;

  • Paper
  • Printer Ink
  • Electricity for the printers
  • Storage items
  • Storage space

If you outsource a document scanning company, like Pearl Scan, to fully digitise your store of documents and then securely dispose of them afterwards, you can reduce or even eliminate saving money1some of the above costs.

On average, a worker in a non paper-savvy office will use around 45 sheets of paper a day. A large portion of this paper is not needed in paper form and would be much more useful in digitised form.

Having a digital document can be useful in many ways;

  • It can be accessed from anywhere.
  • It can be shared with any number of people from anywhere in the world.
  • There are no costs incurred every time a file is shared/duplicated.
  • It doesn't take up any space.
  • It can be efficiently searched for and available at the click of a button through OCR processing.
  • Your document is more secure as it can be encrypted and password protected.

So there we have the advantages of getting your documents scanned and implementing a digital document management system compared with the costs of continuing to print and store documents. I think you'll agree that Document Scanning and Digital Document Management put forward a very good case. We all know that costs and profit margins are an important part of business so it would be a sensible and forward thinking choice to invest in document scanning services to cut down those outgoing costs so you can increase profit margins in the long run.

If you would like some more information on the document scanning and digital document management services we offer here at Pearl Scan and how they can help your organisation, please get in touch today. For a free, no obligation quote for your document scanning project, complete our online form by following the relevant links below.


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