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Is it Possible for the Government to go Completely Digital?

Back in December, it was announced that the Government are planning on making a big push to digitise public services. But can they do it?

It seems all of the political parties can see the potential savings in going digital with services with Labour calling on "the next government to focus on digital inclusion" and the Conservative's George Osborne announcing the latest digitisation plans.

Where Will The Digitisation Begin?

The report released towards the end of last year outlined plans to digitise all police evidence and witness statement collection to make it easier for lawyers in court to access the evidence for cases.

The idea of easy access seemed to be high on the agenda too with the Government wanting to make a big push for more public services to be accessed online and for "nine out of 10 of the online public" to use digital services by 2020.

How Will They Benefit From Going Digital?

By going digital with public services it is hoped that the Government can free up desperately needed funds first and foremost but the digitisation can also offer benefits to the public too. As I've mentioned, access to essential services will be easier online and time can be saved finding the information they need at the click of a button.

So, what do you think of these new plans? Will they work? Are you on board with going digital?

There are many ways you can go digital too. If you find yourself in the office struggling to find the information you need because it's filed away in poorly organised filing cabinets or if your company is being weighed down by extortionate document storage costs, you should consider document scanning and digital document management. Similarly to the way the Government will digitise the police service, document scanning will make your files and documents available quickly, cheaply and easily.

Why Should I Go Digital?Document scanning company

  • Going digital with your document management brings a wide range of advantages;
  • You can free up office space previously holding filing cabinets, boxes and folders of documents.
  • can abolish the cost of storing these documents in off-site storage.
  • Your documents will be more flexible with the ability to edit, view and share them as you please.
  • You can work with your documents anywhere at any time through shared networks and online cloud platforms.
  • Information can be found at the click of a button with fully indexed and OCR processed digital documents.
  • The costs of paper, printers and ink can be drastically cut down by sharing and editing documents digitally.

Pearl Scan Services

As is hoped with the new Government scheme, going digital can have hugely positive effects on companies and organisations throughout the UK. Here at Pearl Scan, we recognise the benefits that switching to digital document management can have which is why we offer a fully bespoke yet affordable range of scanning services to suit any company. Our services have helped companies from a range of industries including legal, healthcare and NHS, education and human resources.

For more information about the scanning services we offer including document scanning, invoice scanning, scan on demand and business card scanning, get in touch today. We can also provide you with a free, no obligation quote for your scanning project. 


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Misconceptions of the Paperless Office

paperless office misconceptions
According to recent reports, more paper than ever is being thrown away and 35% of companies are ordering more paper than they were five years ago. So what's the problem? What is stopping businesses taking paperless steps?

The paperless office. Yes, we do talk about it a lot but judging by these reports, it needs discussing a lot more to change people's misconceptions about adopting digital business processes. So, let's take a look at the most common excuses that have prevented companies going digital with their document management.

It's too expensive to go paperless
document scanning saves money

This is not the case. In fact, you may well be wasting money with your current system on document storage and file retrieval costs among others. If you don't have the infrastructure to handle the digitisation process yourself then the smart choice would be to outsource to document scanning services rather waste money on attempting it yourself. Plus, outsourcing usually costs a lot less than you realise for the services it brings.

I can't get rid of ALL of the paper in my office
adopting a paperless office

This is a common misconception about the paperless office which shows that perhaps it should have been called something else. While achieving a completely paper free office can be achieved if you really set your mind to it, the paperless office concept is really just to encourage the use of LESS paper and adopting more efficient and environmentally friendly means of doing business. Now this idea is easily achievable!

I will need to train my staff again
staff training

In this increasingly digital age, we are all surrounded by digital products on a day to day basis whether that's mobile phones or computers so if you adopt the right document management software, it will be simple enough that it can be picked up by anyone with a basic knowledge of computers.

My documents will be less safe in digital form
document security

Again, not true. This rumour is constantly fed by news of digital files being hacked and information leaked but if you use safe servers and file encrypted documents with passwords, your digital documents will be completely safe from the risks of loss, theft and damage that paper documents are increasingly susceptible to.

Paper is too important for my business
surrounded by paper

This opinion is definitely just a mind set. In the same way that we claim we can't live without our mobile phones , it is simply a case of adapting to change. Where you would usually use paper documents to share important files with colleagues, you can just send a digital file over email. It can even be edited in real-time with apps such as Google Docs.

Going paperless won't change anything
good changes

There is such a broad range of benefits that come with going paperless that it's incredibly likely that it will bring at least one positive change to your company. You could;

  • Save huge costs on storage
  • Speed up file retrieval times
  • Improve customer services
  • Give your documents more security
  • Increase office efficiency
  • Boost green credentials
  • Save/reclaim office space
  • Boost employee morale

...the list goes on!

It's always been done this way, why change it?
clearing out

What kind of attitude is that? If everyone thought that way, we would still have walking as the only mode of transport and be cooking dinner on bonfires! Progress is important to improve everyday life. Sometimes you might not even realise the positive effects a change can have until you make it. Just think about the evolution of the telephone to smartphone. All I can say is you'll never know unless you try and the benefits speak for themselves.

How Pearl Scan Can Help

Here at Pearl Scan, we offer a wide range of paperless office and document scanning solutions which can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual client. Our services can ensure the process from paper to paperless (or at least paper-light) is a smooth one with optional extras including OCR processing, cloud hosting and document retrieval software. If you would like some more information about the paperless office and how your company can benefit, check out some of our blog articles. For a free, no obligation quote for paperless office solutions, get in touch today.


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Solutions for Better Document Security

hard copy storage
Looking to secure your documents but all out of ideas? Here’s a solution which will offer you great security for important information.

As a nation, we have a sort of nostalgic love for paper. Nothing quite beats the feeling of a crisp piece of paper or the smell of a new book. With all of this gushing over paper, we often lose sight of its major disadvantages like the fact that it is easily lost, stolen or damaged. For this reason, it is curious that companies still insist on storing sensitive and important information in this way.

So is there a better solution?

Of course there is!

Document Scanningdocument security

Scanning and digitising documents offers the opportunity to store files digitally in secure document management systems. Files can be indexed and OCR software applied, to make them easy to find when needed but, to ensure that only the relevant people can view the digital documents, they can be encrypted and password protected. Imagine someone broke into your office with files stored in hard copy in filing cabinets, folders and boxes. How long do you think it would take them to steal vital information about your clients and the company itself? My bet is, not very long. They could be away with that information before your alarms have even been triggered. On the other hand, if you store your information digitally, in encrypted files with passwords to protect them, anyone who breaks in would have a difficult time trying to steal them before someone discovers them.

Misconceptions About Digital Document Storage

With the recent news about companies such as tech giant Sony being hacked with devastating consequences, many people are skeptical about digital file storage. I recently wrote an article addressing this skepticism and looking at what we can take from the hacking news but, in short, storing files digitally still is the safest way to store files, if done correctly. So don’t use easily hacked passwords and update security systems are just a few tips we are advised to follow to ensure important information isn’t stolen. If you follow them, your documents will be safe from loss, damage and theft.


Document Scanning Services

Scanning services like us here at Pearl Scan can scan your documents to help you benefit from increased security. Our service can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual client with a wide choice of digital formats and delivery methods for you to choose from. We handle to entire process from collection and scanning to delivery of your digital documents and secure shredding and disposal of the originals. If you would like some more information about how we scan documents and the other benefits for you and your company, give us a call or check out our website.


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Why Choose Pearl Scan

Document Scanning | Audits

We are backed up by external quality and security audits. Our operations have been audited and approved by many NHS, Local Authorities, Private blue chip companies and we pride ourselves on the high levels of quality and security we provide to each and every one of our clients.

Our data capture and document scanning services offered in London are accredited to industry standards.