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Space. When we have it, we take it for granted but when we don't have it it can cause some major problems for businesses and organisations across all sectors.

Problems caused by lack of space

Poor file retrieval
If it's documents that are taking up a large amount of space in your office in filing cabinets, boxes and folders, this can lead to poor file retrieval with extended times needed to find the information you need. One misfiled document placed in the wrong storage cabinet can have damaging effects on business.

Poor customer service
Not only will a cluttered office reflect poorly on your company to potential clients, it could also have a negative effect on the customer services you can provide. If you need to find things like files quickly but instead you leave the customer waiting on the phone then those customers may look elsewhere for the services you provide to find a company really cares about their clients.

Wasted costs
By not utilising office space in an efficient way, you may as well be flushing money down the toilet. Space is valuable nowadays, there's no doubt about it, so why do you insist on wasting this space by filling it with documents and other things that are not necessary?

Lower office morale
No one likes to feel cramped or restricted and since we spend a large portion of our lives in the office, a poor working environment can seriously lower the morale of not only one worker but the entire office. Low morale also lowers productivity levels so is not a healthy outcome for the entire business.

How to free up space

There are a number of ways you can free up space in offices from rearranging furniture to reducing the amount of staff in an office at one time with flexible working. One solution that many companies and organisations have found to be effective is adopting digital document management. This method involves the scanning of documents to be indexed and implemented onto the new and fully digitised system. Once the files and documents have been digitised, they can be destroyed which will mean you will no longer need so many filing cabinets and other storage means.

Benefits of freeing up space with digital document managementbenefits of freeing up space

  • Files can be retrieved instantly with fully indexed digital documents.
  • Office morale can be boosted with airier offices and easier file retrieval.
  • The new found space can also be utilised for more important things like new technology.
  • You can redesign your office/premises with endless possibilities available.
  • Money can be saved/reclaimed through renting out space previously taken up by documents.

Pearl Scan Can Help

Here at Pearl Scan, we provide fully bespoke yet affordable document scanning and document management solutions for companies wanting to free up space and benefit from the flexibility of digital documents. We offer a range of solutions including full document scanning, scan on demand and store to scan giving our clients complete freedom as to how they manage their documents. We can even provide our document retrieval software, Halogen or use of our online cloud platform, Pearl Cloud. For more information on the range of scanning solutions we have on offer, take a look at our website or get in touch for a free, no obligation quote.


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