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“Microfiche data isn’t lost – it just needs a digital upgrade” says Pearl Scan

Image of a man looking at a microfiche, with shelves that are full of microfiche in the background. The image relates to this blog article, as the article describes how capturing the data from a microfiche can save and protect the data. We offer a service where we capture and convert your microfiche data to a digital file with our microfiche scanning services in London and throughout the UK.
Converting hard copy microfiche into digital files enabling easy access for you. Many sectors have found that their film and other hard copy storage m...
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How Business Card Scanning Can Improve Your Life

business card scanning
How Business Card Scanning Can Improve Your Life How many business cared have you collected over your lifetime? Hundreds, thousands, maybe hundreds of...
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How to Make Your Customer Survey a Success

survey scanning services
Surveys are an invaluable tool when it comes to gaining inside information on what your customers really want. However when it comes to maximising the...
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Why choose Pearl Scan

Document scanning | Audits

We are backed up by external quality and security audits. Our operations have been audited and approved by many NHS, Local Authorities, Private blue chip companies and we pride ourselves on the high levels of quality and security we provide to each and every one of our clients.

Our data capture and document scanning services offered in London are accredited to industry standards.