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The Environmental Impact of Paper and Ink

 going paperless

Paper and ink documents require a huge amount of resources and energy, as opposed to their digitalised counterparts which can be created, stored and accessed with zero paper or chemicals. Even though ink printers are common, they are worse for the environment than many realise. Read more and discover the true environmental cost of paper and ink printing.


When it comes to inks, especially litho inks, there are some main areas of concern - the first is heavy metals. Certain pigments contain copper, zinc and barium which can be hazardous to the environment and workers’ health. In general metallic and fluorescent inks can be toxic. Metallic inks do not decompose easily and the heavy metal elements cause problems by seeping into groundwater and other natural areas. Petroleum based inks emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as they dry. Dangerous to humans and a contributor to global warming, this comes from web based printing such as heatset.

Soya can typically be found in oil, sheet-fed inks. Normally made up of two parts linseed, one part Soya, such inks reduce worker and environmental hazards due to being vegetable oil based. However, the expansion of the Soya industry is something that is controversial in itself. Waste ink can be recycled and made into low grade fuel, or mixed to form black ink and reused. However ink is toxic, so much so it is usually put in concrete in special hazardous waste landfill sites.



Everywhere we go, there is paper. From newspapers to magazines, billboards and posters – it is unavoidable. However, paper has more of an impact upon the environment than many would believe.

Over 30 million acres of forest is destroyed annually with 40% of the world’s commercially cut timber used for paper production. Pulpwood plantations and mills also endanger and destroy natural habitats of species that live in these forests.

The entire lifecycle of paper is environmentally damaging. Starting with a tree being cut down and ending in being burnt, which emits carbon dioxide. When it decomposes in a landfill it also emits the greenhouse gas methane.


Switching to a paperless office, by digitalising all physical paper documents, businesses can save money and contribute to a healthier environment. With 10 million tonnes of paper used per year, digital operations not only drastically reduce this figure, it also allows for increased productivity and a boost in staff morale – with less time spent on menial tasks such as searching for documents.

Switching to digital operations can help companies struggling for office space. Paperless offices also make it easier to increase operations, with online document services allowing quick and easy access to scanned items.

Did you know how much paper and ink can affect the environment? Are you now considering joining the paperless revolution? Continue reading about paperless office solutions.

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The Benefits of Employee Surveys

scanning of employee survey

Many companies are customer focused, and as such customer feedback surveys are automatically used regularly to improve services and customer satisfaction. But how often do businesses consider the satisfaction of its workforce?

Keeping employees happy is just as important as ensuring customer or client satisfaction. After all, your staff are the face of the business and if they are unhappy in their work, it will often be apparent to customers.

Anonymous employee surveys can provide an invaluable insight into the thoughts, experiences and opinions of staff. Staff members will feel more comfortable being truthful in a survey or questionnaire than face to face with managers. Asking for their suggestions on how to improve the employee and customer experience is also beneficial for employers. Below we’ve listed just some of the advantages of conducting employee surveys.

Increase morale and productivity

Just by making the effort to ask employees for their opinions and giving them an opportunity to voice their concerns can have a positive effect on the workforce. By conducting a satisfaction survey, employee motivation, dedication and morale will increase. Conducting a staff survey makes employees feel valued as a person, and flattered that management or the owners of the company are asking for their help in improving business operations.

employees moraleUncover issues you aren’t aware of

While some employees are quick to report any issues or concerns regarding other members of staff or difficult working procedures, many will try and deal with problems themselves. Whether they are shy or don’t want to appear to be causing trouble, many employees feel uncomfortable making suggestions to management in person. Giving staff an outlet to tell management about any issues anonymously is a vital tool for finding out what’s really going on within the business. There might be problems arising that you would have never found out about unless you conducted an employee survey. Gain honest, truthful opinions about the company as a whole and how happy staff are in their job roles.

Decrease staff turnover – save time and money

Companies who make an effort to keep their staff happy are more likely to keep their employees for a longer period of time. However, it’s important after doing the employee survey that actions are taken so staff don’t feel as though their views are ignored. If suggestions are taken on board, employee satisfaction will increase and workers are less likely to look for work elsewhere.

Improve your business

Once you have collected and processed the data from the employee survey, you have an invaluable business tool. You will be in possession of a large number of opinions and suggestions from the very people who run and understand the company. They might suggest things you haven’t thought of yourself which could improve efficiency and productivity. Ultimately, taking suggestions on board from your staff will have an impact on your products or services for customers. Happy employees = happy customers!

Are you thinking about conducting an employee survey? Speak to the team at Pearl Scan to make the data capture process simple and efficient.


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Going Digital - The Do's and Don'ts

digital document management system

So you're thinking of digitising? That's a great decision and one that could bring huge benefits for you and your company. Taking your document management into the digital world can be a big step so we've compiled a short list of 'Do's and Don'ts' to make the transition for you and your company a little bit easier.

Do outsource your document scanning project.

The first thing to remember when you want to go digital is when to seek help with your document scanning solutions. If you only deal with a small amount of documents on a daily basis, I think it's safe to say you can manage digitising them with a flat-bed office scanner. However, if your company deals with a large number of documents on a regular basis or has a lot of documents in storage in offices or off-site facilities, hiring document scanning services might just be the best thing you can do. Remember to do your research in order to hire the right document scanning company.

Do shred your paper documents.shredding scan on demand

Once you've made the decision to store your documents in digital format, you will no longer have a need for the paper copies. They will just be taking up space and using costs that you could otherwise save so make sure you dispose of them. The documents must be shredded to ensure the security of the information they contain but before you start dreading the prospect of having to shred thousands of documents in your standard office shredder, here at Pearl Scan, we offer secure shredding services as part of our document scanning service.

Do have your documents OCR processed.

OCR processing makes your documents fully text searchable meaning you can search for your files using simple keyword searches. These searches can range from titles and names to dates and reference numbers. This offers a huge benefit of better efficiency and productivity in the office because rather than rummaging through filing cabinets to find the document you need, you can have it at the click of a button ready to read, edit and share.

Don't adopt a complicated system.

An ideal digital document management system should be easy enough for anyone to use from an older person to a young child. There is a large range of options and software out there so it is vital to do your research before committing to one particular system. Sometimes companies assume that they will need to hire new staff or spend a lot of time retraining the current staff to be able to use the new system but this is simply not the case.

Don't leave your documents at risk.theft of documents

When your documents are stored in paper form, you are leaving them open to the risks of loss, theft and damage. With an electronic document management system, you can have your digital documents encrypted and password protected so only the people required will be able to view them. Once they are stored digitally, your files will be protected from rips and spillage damage.

Don't scan small amounts to save money.

While you may think that the best thing for your budget is to scan your documents in small amounts throughout the year but with most document scanning services, including Pearl Scan, actually offer discounted scanning for large bulk scanning projects. So, before you choose to continue storing some of your documents for fear of busting the budget, get a quote first.

So there you have it, a few do's and don'ts to help make your digital transition just a little bit smoother. If you would like some more information about going digital or if you would like to find out about the document scanning services and document management solutions we have to offer here at Pearl Scan, feel free to browse our website and blog or get in touch today. For a free, no obligation, quote for your digitising project complete our online form by following the relevant links below.

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