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Digital vs Hardcopy

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Document Scanning by Pearl Scan
When it comes to document storage this is the biggest rivalry...Digital vs Hardcopy! It's a question we hear a lot; how should I store my documents? N...
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What's So Good About Going Digital?

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Document Scanning by Pearl Scan
What's so good about going digital? Let's take a look at the advantages of embracing the digital revolution. We are told over and over again that we a...
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What are Document Scanning Services?

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Document Scanning by Pearl Scan
We spend a lot of time promoting ourselves as a document scanning service but what exactly are document scanning services? Well, scanning services are...
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Why choose Pearl Scan

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We are backed up by external quality and security audits. Our operations have been audited and approved by many NHS, Local Authorities, Private blue chip companies and we pride ourselves on the high levels of quality and security we provide to each and every one of our clients.

Our data capture and document scanning services offered in London are accredited to industry standards.