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How can the education sector deal with funding cuts in a way that won't bring the system to its knees?

There is no denying that education is one of the most important sectors in today's society. They are the bricks and mortar of British people with almost half of all young people progressing as far as further education. But government cuts to funding have long hampered the progress of educational establishments as they continue to look for ways to reduce costs without affecting the most important element; the education service they provide.

What is the Solution?

Schools are reluctantly trying everything to recover costs they have lost through lack of funding. Class sizes have been increased to attract more funding but staff numbers have had to be cut. There doesn't seem to be an ideal solution that won't negatively affect some part of the system. Short of abolishing free education and sending us all back to the dark ages, what can be done?

How Can Document Scanning Help?

The benefits that come with document scanning could go a long way to recovering costs for the educational sector while still providing efficient services. At the moment, a lot of schools (and other educational establishments for that matter) keep student and staff records as paper files stored in filing cabinets. These filing cabinets take up a great deal of space and they slow down file retrieval times even for the most efficient of reception staff. By having these documents scanned into a digital document management system, schools, colleges and universities can ditch those cumbersome cabinets and find files quickly and easily without the worry of loss, theft or damage. As a result, more space can be freed up or money will be saved on storage.

Less money will be spent in other areas too such as printing inks and paper. Files can be shared and accessed online almost completely banishing the need for hard copies. It is often forgotten how much money can be wasted on paper and ink, not to mention the electricity costs of running printers so often.

Implementing a digital document management system through document scanning can also improve the reputation of the institution. If a school looks like it works efficiently and can handle the information of their children safely and securely then more people will want to send their children there. The more children attending a school, the more funding they will get.

The benefits that educational establishments and any other organisation can get are always different depending on the circumstances, but one thing is for sure, document scanning can save money in one way or another.

Schools Have Gone Digital in Other Areas Tooeducation sector

While document scanning in education is a relatively new solution, the education sector has been embracing the digital age for some time. Attendance registers are now completed through digital softwares such as SIMS, whiteboards and blackboards have been replaced by digital doppelgangers and iPads are a common feature in lessons.

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