Ensuring Compliance in the Aerospace Industry

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With hundreds of tons worth of machinery taking to the skies and lives categorically on the line, compliance within the aerospace industry is not something to be taken lightly. If you operate in the aerospace sector, playing by the rules is critical. To help you augment your approach we’ve come up with some savvy ways to keep compliance under wraps.

An in-depth understanding of industry regulations

The aerospace sector is governed by its own industry specific regulations. The Aerospace Industries Association is an international body, with country specific organisations also keeping companies in check. Rules and regulations are dynamic and ever-changing which means it’s essential for companies to stay up-to-the-minute with all the latest compliance requirements.

Adequate training

Whether you operate in the private, public or commercial sectors, training up a team of competent and qualified staff will drastically improve the compliance credentials of your operations. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page, and has a thorough understanding of all rules and regulations.

Intelligent software solutions

Technology is now an integral part of contemporary business, and the aerospace industry isn’t exempt. Today, companies can utilise a glut of intelligent software solutions designed to streamline internal operations and boost efficiency. When used correctly, internal management software can play a key role in keeping aviation businesses compliant.

Assigning dedicated teams

Compliance should never be left to chance. For this reason aviation companies should always assign a dedicated compliance manager to oversee all areas relating to safety, maintenance, legalities, staff and other key areas. Larger companies may even want to consider drafting an entire team. This will eliminate the risk of any regulatory issues slipping through the net.

Electronic document management

The aviation sector is burdened with a huge amount of paperwork. Unfortunately, just one tiny mistake can spell disaster for companies, particularly if it’s relating to maintenance. When it comes to keeping papers in check electronic document management is a must utilise tool. From safety checks, maintenance documentation and legal papers, digitalising documents and sketches ensures that all content can be accessed easily and instantaneously.

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